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#23: Warmth after dark
Thu 1/24/2013
1:59 AM

Words were unnecessary.

I stared deeply into her eyes...I was unprepared. I fell inside, pulled in as if we were magnetized. Their color consumed and surrounded me, even within the darkness that in turn surrounded us.

But this wasn't close enough for me, so I pulled her even closer. Her soft sigh in response formed a pleasant boom in my ears. Here, everything was amplified, powerful, enveloping. The warmth of the thick down blanket was nothing compared to the heat of our embrace. I couldn't feel the blanket any more.

She placed a hand against my right cheek. The feeling of warmth immediately soaked into me...I pressed against her hand, and in turn, she pressed back. She softly nudged it upwards, stroking the lower edges of my hair. It felt like the distance between us was cut even shorter, as the warmth rushed over, then through me.

I smiled and placed both of my hands on opposite sides of her beautiful face. She smiled back, and drew closer. Our noses playfully sparred. Warmth gently burst forward from our makeshift lances.

I wouldn't be satisfied with just touching my lips to her soft cheek. As I placed my arms around her once again, I ran my lips downward, applying just enough pressure to cause a tingle when I reached her neck. Her smile widened. Feeling the tingle on my end, along with the warmth of her smile, almost caused me to overheat; and, perhaps it would have, if not for the fact that I craved even more of this warmth.

This is what I'd longed for...the thing I've wanted most, seemingly forever. It was my last desire at the end of every day, and what I dreamed of every night. This warmth...this warmth that blanketed, controlled, dominated me...warmth that transcended the literal definition of what warmth is. This warmth, after all, was not simply the product of body heat. This warmth didn't stop at ninety-eight point six.

This was warmth brought on by something deeper; the feeling that I'd thrown myself into a person that had thrown herself into me. Someone who trusted me...with everything she'd been, everything she was, and everything she wanted to be...and who understood that I'd done the same, for her. It was akin to the feeling of staring into a mirror, endlessly reflecting the same image, except that our smiles reflected off of each other, endlessly...with no mirror to be found.

Our hands found each other, effortlessly interlocking. Our cheeks slid against one another...our faces united. The magnitude of the warmth resulting from this unity was more than I could have imagined, causing me to shiver in surprise. An undeniably powerful feeling swept over me...a shiver, caused by a soft, sweet tidal wave of comfort.

Loneliness? Solitude? Isolation? Those things are nowhere to be found, in this place of warmth. They've been banished forever, never to return. I felt so close to this person, now, inches from the lips that had whispered sweetly to me, so many times...inches from the mind that captivated me, the thoughts that captured me, turning me into the most willing of prisoners...within the shortest of distances from someone feeling the same things that I was. The same comfort, the same acceptance, the same trust...the same warmth.

Starting from the blanket I could no longer feel, but extending to the entire world around all disappeared. None of it mattered, right now, as my lips found her left earlobe. I passionately kissed and hungrily nibbled at the only person left, besides me. For even if we were alone in the world, if there truly were nobody else, it wouldn't feel that way to us...not any more. We would never feel alone, again, not ever, not even if the sun, the moon, the stars, the entire sky all disappeared. We were, after all, surrounded by the warmth between us.

Basking in our endless reflections, taking in each other's breaths, we drifted together towards the land of dreams. We would soon return...but not before bathing in a warmth much greater than just the two of us, and dancing in each other's visions of what would come next. Not before reveling in the warmth of our embrace.


...tomorrow night, we'll do this again.