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#24: How it could have ended
Thu 2/7/2013
5:29 PM


"I'm sorry, sir! But we've confirmed that this information is true!"

"Do something about this!! Capture that small boat at once and detain everyone on it!"

"Everyone? I thought it was just your daughter..."

"No, there are others on that ship. That crane needs to be melted down...and the mice will make perfect subjects for the new Carnegie Steel Hair Care Products Testing Facility. Ha, ha, ha, ha..."

"There it is," Stuart said with an ominous tone, pointing towards the large ship. "That must be the Carnegie Steel Hair Care Products Testing Facility...hey, Mom, any good information from the blueprints?"

Stuart's mother was looking closely at a piece of paper much larger than she was. "There are two entry in the front, one in the back..."

The young girl looked sadly at the damaged crane. The four of them, together, barely fit in the small motorboat.

"This is it, Doc..." she said. "Maybe we can fix you up...and maybe...maybe I can finally find out what my name is."

((Of course the crane's name is Doc, because that's where he always worked. Down by the doc.))

"So which one looks safer for us?" Stuart asked.

All of a sudden, static exploded from the small boat's radio. The four passengers weren't even aware that there was a radio, so all of them gazed at it, startled.

"Can you read me?" said a voice from the radio. "This is VIC VIPER."

The girl replied, "who?" Nobody knew whether her response could be heard, or not.

"I don't have much time, so listen closely," the voice continued. "In order to defeat them, I need your help."

"It sounds like we have the same goal," Stuart mused.

"We need to get inside the ship from different routes and destroy the core at each end. Both must be taken out, or there's no future for either of us."

"So which side should we...?"

At the same moment, all of them noticed a small, futuristic-looking aircraft coming down from the sky, headed towards the floating facility at high speed. It then started heading towards the front of the ship.

"...I guess I've got no choice..." Stuart said.

"Let's roll!" the radio said, as the aircraft, itself rolling, disappeared into the front of the vessel.

Stuart steered the motorboat towards the back of the large ship.

"Leave me behind!" Doc cried, as he hobbled down the hallway.

"We won't leave you!" yelled the girl. "Besides, we're kind of slow, anyway..."

The two mice were still running to catch up behind them, despite Doc's limited mobility. It didn't help that Stuart was dragging the motorboat's radio behind him, just in case the mysterious voice contacted them again.

"The core is just a little bit further!" yelled Stuart's mother.

The four came upon a large, round room. As soon as all four of them were inside, the doors slammed behind them.

The girl stated the obvious, but obligatory, "we're trapped!"

A small door opened on the opposite wall. Two lab workers wearing white coats appeared, holding a cage, and quickly approached the four heroes.

Jumping out in front and spreading her arms, the girl yelled, "I won't let you take them!"

One of the lab workers replied, "Actually, those aren't our orders..."

Now that they were closer, the heroes noticed that the cage was a bit large to waste it on mice.

As one of the lab workers opened the cage, the other began to restrain the girl.

"Hey, what...what are you doing to me?!"

"Just hold still, this won't hur--AUUGHH!!"

Doc hobbled into the lab worker who was trying to place the girl into the cage. As he did this, a larger, garage-style door began to open at the opposite end of the room...revealing a large, brand-new Liebherr MK 88, and a man wearing a suit.

"Cease this useless resistance at once!" the man in the suit said.

"Who are you!?" cried the girl.

Ignoring her, the well-dressed man barked at the lab workers.

"Lock her in the brig, now!"

Both answered in unison, "Yes, Mr. Frick!"

"I won't let you!" yelled Doc, still hobbling around as well as he could.

"Don't you understand? You're yesterday's news. This...this is the future...a future that will be controlled by me...Henry Frick!"

The MK 88 rumbled, its engine fresh and new, ready to take on any challenge...including Doc.

"This is bad..." Stuart said.

All of a sudden, the radio he'd been dragging along came to life again. It was just a bit of static, but it gave Stuart enough hope to try reaching out to the pilot on the other side.

"Are you there? We could use some help over here!" yelled the mouse.

A few moments went by with no response.

Finally, the same voice from earlier could be heard once again...

"Okay, you go on ahead."

"... ...wait, what?! We need help!"

"You too," the pilot said.

A brief "sssss" sound afterwards confirmed the end of transmission. Stuart knew that they were on their own.

With that, the MK 88 rumbled, then charged straight at Doc. Doc tried to hobble out of the way, but it was no use. They collided with a sickening CLANG that sent Doc reeling, spinning into the nearby wall, assorted parts flying off. The two mice turned away with horrified faces.

"Nooooooooooooo!" the girl cried, shaking off her captors and running over to Doc, seemingly in one smooth motion.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" bellowed Frick, in a tone that sounded as if it had come straight from a Saturday morning cartoon.

The girl placed her hands on Doc's face. He'd returned to his human form, but was mangled, barely recognizable.


Tears ran down her cheeks. She reached into a pocket, and took beautiful, golden sunflower.

"I...I want you to have this..."

She placed the stem on his chest, such that the flower appeared to be blooming in front of his face.

"I can smell smells sweet..." said Doc, his voice wavering.

"Enough! Capture the girl and finish him off, already!" Frick yelled.

But nobody moved. All of them were too captivated by a certain sound. It was so low in volume that one had to concentrate very hard in order to hear it clearly, despite it filling the room to the point where it was impossible to ignore. And, the sound was gradually increasing in volume.


Some words were mixed in with the low hissing sound, but they weren't understandable.

"What are you doing?!" Frick shouted, as the only one unaware of the growing sound around them.


The hissing grew louder and became a buzz. Now even Frick was beginning to notice.


Nobody moved, even as the room began to rumble slightly.


The buzzing grew louder and louder. The people in the room all looked around, but realized that there was nothing they could do against a force this great.


"Bees...they're...bees!" cried Stuart, as he ran for cover. But that was impossible, in this large, mostly-empty room.

A shaft cover burst out of the wall and fell to the floor with a clang. A split-second later, thousands of bees poured into the room.


"Wow, they certainly will," said Stuart's mother, looking on in admiration.

The bees, seemingly in one clump, zoomed over to and circled the sunflower... but did not touch Doc. After a few moments, the buzzing mass flew over to--and descended upon--Henry Frick.



Frick fell forward onto his face and produced no further sound. The lab workers fleed in horror; the bees had clearly allowed them to escape. Finally, the mass of bees dissipated, and slowly flew back into the shaft from which they'd emerged.

"We're saved!" Stuart shouted happily.

"Ah, there you are," came a familiar voice.

"Daddy!" yelled the girl, running over to the source of the familiar voice. "I was scared!"

"You don't need to be scared any more," said Andrew Carnegie. "And I'll make sure we fix up your friend, over there, and properly maintain him!"

"Thanks, Daddy...oh, um...can you tell me what my name is?"

"Sure, darling. Your mommy and I...we saw your name, right there in your lovely eyes, the moment you were born...that's why your name is..."


I hate getting up early.

"brightsuzaku" (Thu 2/7/2013, 9:02 PM):
Probably one of the greatest piles of WTF ever writtewn. But oh, man, is it AMAZING. Then again, the dreams was bizarre enough it easily could have happened.

I love how you threw in Vic, hahahahaha~ SORRY VIC, WE ALL SUCK COMPARED TO YOU.