Something evil has survived...

Eight years after you stumbled through a portal and became lost in a foreign, Nazi-infested world, you are called back for duty again.

High energy readings led archeologists to the discovery of a strange portal near a former site of the Berlin Wall. Your superiors believe that the remaining Nazis, who have hidden and escaped arrest for some time, could be harnessing the power of the portal... for purposes unknown.

As if this isn't bad enough, the archeologists have been murdered and the Nazis have evidently set up a compound to protect the portal from intruders or other threats.

Your first trips through a portal weren't easy. If you weren't B.J. Blazkowicz, you may have collapsed, burned up or simply gone insane from the intense pressure that accompanied the journey. But you survived... now you know you must do it again. The question you're asking is: how many made the trip before you? And what has become of them?

Welcome to the Portal2 page. All information regarding Portal2 will be posted here. I'll begin with some Q & A.

Q: What's taking so long?
A: Well, I've had other priorities. Click on the Games section to see some of them. That, and I had been bored with Wolf3d for a while. I'm not any more, but Portal2 is still not one of my top priorities. I do intend to finish it, however, before beginning Nibbles3d.

Q: What's been done?
A: Truthfully, not as much as you'd expect. All of the interface art and many of the wall graphics are complete, but enemy graphics still aren't done. That is mainly what has kept me from continuing the project. I like to have all my graphics before I create the levels. I have, however, planned out the level map as well as themes for each floor.

Q: What's planned?
A: 28 levels, 5 of them secret, with a total of 120 possible paths. The levels are separated into four zones (Nazi Compound, Portal World I, Portal World II and Back To Reality). Of course, new graphics for most of the characters and all of the walls. And new music. If I find that doing less of this will get the scenario finished more quickly, and I'm pressed for time, the scenario may be smaller. But I'd really like to complete it as it's been planned.

Q: Why are you bothering to finish?
A: Because I watch my hit counter on this page and see it continuing to climb. And, I still get e-mail about the game and my scenarios! Apparently, people aren't totally finished with Wolfenstein 3D just yet.

Q: So when will Portal2 be finished?
A: When it's done.

Q: No, really...
A: "Next few months" is what I'm hoping for, sometime during Summer 2004 at the latest.

Q: Anything else?
A: I don't usually ask for contributions, but if you're interested in sending anything, please go right ahead... no, not money! I mean graphics, levels, MOD music files, whatever. If you have something you feel I might want to stick in the scenario, and want to see it finished faster, send away. You'll be credited, of course.


Just to give you something to play in the meantime, here you go...
Download "Portal2Teaser.sit" (112K)
Requires 3rd Encounter or commercial version. UnStuff, drop into Levels folder and enjoy.

Until next time...