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10/22/2016: You might want to click on this.

10/22/2016: After seeing that they crash the commercial version of Wolf3D, I have applied a fix to all of the scenarios in the Breakthrough package. The crashes were caused by their lack of a preview picture. I created one from a below screenshot. and now, they don't crash the game any more. This was never reported to me over the 15+ years that this page has been on the Internet, so I'm guessing that nobody cares, but if you really wanted to play these scenarios, you now can.

12/28/2015: As you may have discovered, I didn't finish my Portal2 scenario after all. Sorry if I disappointed you...but the truth is, I'm not even sure there's a way to run Wolf3d on modern Mac systems any more. One of these days I plan to look into it, and possibly post a guide here. But in the meantime, please check out my more modern game projects here: www.yyrgames.com

1/7/2004: After letting it sit for far too long, I'm going to give thanks to the many thousands of visitors I've had and finish Portal2. Visit the Portal2 page here.

For those of you who may have been wondering, I am not Bruce Ryder! Click here for more...
Oh, and for my thoughts on the release of information regarding what really happened to Bruce and WolfAddict Software, click here.

A few years ago I enjoyed a deep love affair with Wolfenstein 3D, a fast-action, first-generation 3-D action game. Even today, in these days of DOOM 7, the Radeon 56000 and billions-of-polygons-per-second games, Wolf3D still pushes the envelope when it comes to the fast gameplay; it's much faster than today's single-player 3D action-fests. Silent Nazis darting around nearby corners still startle the crap out of me. If you've never played Wolf3d, you should download it now!

Most of my experience deals with the Mac version of the game, which I came upon a few years back. Once I conquered the levels built into the game, I found a copy of WolfEdit and got busy, creating my own original levels. I uploaded the first few batches to the AOL Mac Games Forum, and I got some very positive feedback. (I even got a few people to send me $5 or $7 for even more of these levels!) I joined a small group called WolfAddict Software--initially, consisting of just myself, this dude named Bruce who lived in Binghamton, and a couple other people--and we collaborated on new "scenarios," as we dubbed them, complete with story lines.

Then, when I thought my creativity had bottomed out, WolfEdit 2.0 was sent to us. From that point on, we could include new graphics in our levels, and later, we discovered how to add new sounds, and I single-handedly got new music in. We had begun to do what the DOOM-heads called "Total Conversions," meaning EVERY one of the game's elements got changed. This opened up new atmospheres, best shown in my greatest work, Barneystein 3D.

That was the last scenario I completed. I had begun plans for another, but then Bruce got into some naughty legal trouble and things pretty much went downhill from there. As far as I can tell, WolfAddict Software has ceased to exist. Its Web page, up for many, many moons, recently disappeared without a trace, and Bruce cancelled his AOL account, my only form of communication with him. I recently spoke to the maker of WolfEdit and someone else who had worked with us, and neither of them knew where he was either.

So now that it's all over and done with, and there's no longer any money to be made (we sold these scenarios for $5-$7 or so), I present to you the full extent of what I did with the Macintosh version of Wolfenstein 3D. For my Wolf stuff on PC, click here.

Wolfenstein 3D - The Game

So you haven't played it yet? Download the shareware versions now!

Wolfenstein 3D First Encounter - The shareware version for Macintosh.

Download "Wolf3d1stEncounter.sit.hqx" (1.6 MB)

Wolfenstein 3D Episode 1, DOS version 1.4.

Download "wolf14s.zip" (765 KB)

A Couple of Mac Wolf3D Tools

Get started on your own stuff with these.

WolfEdit 2.0.4: The freeware level design toolkit for Wolfenstein 3D. All of what you see here can be created with this!

Download "WolfEdit2.0.4.sit" (291 KB)

WolfMaker 2.0: Use with WolfEdit 1.1 to create random levels. Instructions within program.

Download "WolfMaker2.0.sit.hqx" (26 KB)

My Scenarios

Everything you need to run them is included, except the game itself. Unless indicated, all scenarios run with any version of Wolfenstein 3D Macintosh. (First Encounter (shareware) scenarios require the use of the WolfFKEY patch, included.)

Return to Wolfenstein

The first scenario I ever made. Three episodes, each containing eight levels, plus bonus levels. Requires Wolfenstein 3D Second Encounter, Third Encounter or commercial version.

Download "RTW2.0.sit.hqx" (289 KB)

Wolfenstein 3D: Breakthrough

This one's big. 32 levels, broken up into eight "zones." Lots and lots of action, tough level layouts and of course Nazis. Includes enhanced version (for Second Encounter or better) and lots of additional levels.

Download "BreakthroughRegistered.sit.hqx" (10/2016 fixed version) (614 KB)

Breakthrough 2: Hideaway

My largest, and second-finest creation, as well as the first to really take advantage of WolfEdit 2. New graphics have been added. A "multiple-path" feature is also used; many levels will have two exits, and different exits will lead to different levels. There are over 32,000 ways to finish the scenario as a result! 56 total levels, although you'll only actually see something around 30 when you play through. To see the rest you have to play again... and again... etc.

Download "Breakthrough2.sit.hqx" (408 KB)

Through the Portal

A neat little ditty, with some weird visual effects never before seen in Wolfenstein. 12 levels, 3 of them secret and 1 of them containing a glimpse of Hino Rei from Sailor Moon :) This was actually used as an AOL contest, in which the grand prize was a copy of Barneystein 3D! For some actual AOL screenshots from the contest, click here.

Download "ThroughThePortal.sit.hqx" (306 KB)

Barneystein 3D

This is it: the epitome of evil. Barney the purple dinosaur is here, and he's recruited Beavis and Butt-Head to do his evil bidding. Hopefully you can survive the carnage long enough to crash Barney's Mac, blow up his Breeding Chambers, take on the two headed Butt-Beavises in the Lab and eventually take on MechaBarney! Multiple paths test your skill and 32 challenging levels test your patience. Requires Third Encounter or the commercial edition of Wolfenstein 3D. (Should work with Second Encounter, but unsupported)

Download "Barneystein3D.sit.hqx" (2.4 MB)

If you'd like a copy of the PC version this was based on, then...

Download "barney.zip" (1.2 MB)

Basically the PC version is just shareware Wolf3d with new graphics and sound (not to mention the cool front end).

A Couple of PC Wolf3D Tools

Interested in editing PC Wolfenstein? (Note: Most of these tools don't work with the shareware version)

WolfEdit: Don't confuse it with the Mac level editor. This tool edits graphics from the PC version.

Download "WOLFED.ZIP" (34 KB)

WolfSnd: Imports/Exports sounds from Wolf's data files. But the format is .VOC at a very low sample rate, so you might not even want to bother.

Download "WOLFSN.ZIP" (26 KB)

MapEdit 8.3: Edits Wolf's levels as well as levels for other, similar games.

Download "MAPED83.ZIP" (315 KB)

Interested in REALLY editing PC Wolfenstein?

Here's the SOURCE CODE, straight from id Software. For educational use only. I haven't looked at it so don't ask me questions!

Download "WOLFSRC.ZIP" (570 KB)